¿Cómo funciona?

Sherpals is the best way to shop for products that aren’t available in your country or that are too expensive to buy locally. You can order just about anything on Sherpals!

The Buyer creates an order by sending us the links of the items they want to purchase. You can buy multiple products in one order.

The order is quoted with an initial estimate that is based on similar transactions that have been done in the past. Once you accept the quote we forward it to all the registered Sherpas travelling to your country on the following 30 days.

The Sherpa community, competes for winning that order, by biding their pretended price. The buyer receives all the offers stating delivery city and arrival dates.

Once the buyer accepts one of the offers received and pays, the deal is done and the purchase operation and delivery operation proceeds.

The buyers money stays in escrow, which means that it stays frozen, we do not spend it as you are paying sherpals.com. Once sherpals.com receives the payment, the traveler makes the purchase with his own money. In doing so, we align the buyer’s and the sherpa’s interest. The buyer knows his money is protected until the item is delivered and the Sherpa knows that the item has been paid and he only needs to deliver it in order to get his payment.

Once the Sherpa arrives, they both coordinate the meeting place and time.