How does it work?

Sherpals is the best way to shop for products that are not available locally or are too expensive. Just about anything can be purchased on Sherpals!

The buyer creates an order by pasting the links of the items that he wants to purchase (from Amazon, Ebay or any store) and post the order on our platform. Multiple products can be posted at once.

The order will immediately be available for all the travelers (Sherpas) to bid. The Sherpas will compete for winning each order. The buyer receives all the bids and chooses the one that suits better his needs according to delivery fee, delivery date and meet up point.

Once the buyer accepts one of the bids he pays for his order. The money is received by our company and it is kept in escrow, which means it stays in our bank account. Sherpals notifies the traveler that his bid had been accepted and that he has to proceed to purchase the item. The Sherpa purchases the article with his own money. When he receives the item he packs it in his luggage. Upon arrival at the destination he contacts the shopper and they meet. When the shopper receives his product he makes sure it is the right one and goes onto Sherpals and marks the order as delivered. Then our company processes the payment to the Sherpa. The payout consists of the reimbursement for the purchase price plus the delivery fee agreed with the buyer.

Purchasing through Sherpals is completely safe. You will receive your item or the money back. Our business model is risk free for all parts involved because the buyer’s and the Sherpa’s interests are aligned. The buyer knows his money is protected until the item is delivered and the Sherpa knows that the item has been paid and he only needs to deliver it in order to get his payment.