Frequent Questions


Sherpals is a peer to peer platform which connects Sherpas (travelers) with people who want to purchase goods from abroad (Clothes, smartphones, tablets, etc). The buyer chooses the items he wants to purchase, a Sherpa carries it to final destination, the delivery is arranged and the Sherpa earns the commission.

Sherpals is the best way to shop for products that are not available locally or are too expensive. Just about anything can be purchased on Sherpals!

The buyer creates an order by pasting the links of the items that he wants to purchase (from Amazon, Ebay or any store) and post the order on our platform. Multiple products can be posted at once.

The order will immediately be available for all the travelers (Sherpas) to bid. The Sherpas will compete for winning each order. The buyer receives all the bids and chooses the one that suits better his needs according to delivery fee, delivery date and meet up point.

Once the buyer accepts one of the bids he pays for his order. The money is received by our company and it is kept in escrow, which means it stays in our bank account. Sherpals notifies the traveler that his bid had been accepted and that he has to proceed to purchase the item. The Sherpa purchases the article with his own money. When he receives the item he packs it in his luggage. Upon arrival at the destination he contacts the shopper and they meet. When the shopper receives his product he makes sure it is the right one and goes onto Sherpals and marks the order as delivered. Then our company processes the payment to the Sherpa. The payout consists of the reimbursement for the purchase price plus the delivery fee agreed with the buyer.

Purchasing through Sherpals is completely safe. You will receive your item or the money back. Our business model is risk free for all parts involved because the buyer’s and the Sherpa’s interests are aligned. The buyer knows his money is protected until the item is delivered and the Sherpa knows that the item has been paid and he only needs to deliver it in order to get his payment.

You sit back and relax. Your Sherpa should arrive the date it was disclose to you. Once he arrives, you should contact him and arrange the final delivery. Remember that if you don't receive your order, you receive 100% of your money back. Your money stays frozen in escrow until the Sherpa delivers the item.
There is not a target price for each order as it depends on a combination of weight, volume, value of the item and finally the Sherpa’s cost. To benefit the buyer, we start a competition between the Sherpas in order to provide the lowest possible price. The payment is processed through PayPal in USD. Your money stays in escrow, which means that it stays frozen, we do not spend it as you are paying Once receives your payment, the traveler makes the purchase with his own money. In doing so, we align the buyer’s and the Sherpa’s interest. The buyer knows his money is protected until the item is delivered and the Sherpa knows that the item has been paid and he only needs to deliver it in order to get his payment.
The Sherpas are regular trustworthy travelers ( traveling for holidays or business) who register themselves to serve as couriers by “renting” their extra space in their luggage.
Any item accepted by the airlines as luggage is available to carry. The Sherpas can carry clothes, electronics, spare parts, etc; which are easy to be packed in the luggage. The Sherpa is responsible for knowing TSA, airline and local customs regulations.
When the buyer receives the Sherpas bid, he recieves the Sherpas travel dates and destination city as well. Once the Sherpa arrives, we provide to the buyer the Sherpas contact. The buyer and the Sherpa coordinate where and when to meet. The Sherpa is usually the one that decides where this will take place and delivers between 2 or 3 days max after arriving. However, you have to take into consideration that sometimes the airlines may have problems, such as overbooking or maintenance issues that may delay the date of delivery.
Yes, in case there are no Sherpas travelling to your city (but yes they are travelling to another city in your country) we can arrange a special internal shipping inside the country or city of destination. This shipping cost is not included in the original purchase price, and must be paid by the buyer once you get your order from the postal office.
It’s very simple. You can fill out the form in our website by copying the links of the products you want to purchase. Remember you can combine in one order multiple items from different shops.
If nobody accepts your order, we extend the timeline from 30 days to 60 days in order to find a Sherpa. We may contact you by email with suggestions on how to make an attractive order so that a Sherpa might bid on it.
We keep in touch with both of you, buyer and Sherpa, during the entire process. Usually, the delivery area is near the Sherpa’s house or hotel. Another alternative, is to leave the item in a locker or use a local courier service. Most of the Sherpas are travelling to the Capital Cities. If you live in any other city of the country, the Sherpa will dispatch the item through a local courier by COD delivery. This internal delivery is not included in the original purchase price.


The payment will be made through a US bank to a US bank ACH transaction, wire transfer to your local bank or amazon gift card. Consider that wire transfer fees, exchange rate and clearing time frame may apply.
The Sherpa is responsible for knowing if the item is TSA approved. You may choose to purchase the order to be sure that the items are safe to carry. Our users usually ask for products from known and worldwide recognised retailers. Under no circumstances we accept products from unknown retailers.
The Sherpa is 100% responsible to be informed about the customs rules and taxes from the country he/she is travelling to. The Sherpa bids his transportation fee, so he should contemplate any potential tax or specific customs regulation.
Once your trip is registered, we will keep you posted about any order we receive from the buyers.
If the buyer accepts your bid, he will pay for the transaction through PayPal. Once the payment is received, we will send you a message to execute the order.
We try to do it as simple as possible. Usually, you decide where to deliver it. We can also bid you to leave the package in a locker or send it using a paid messenger. The item should be delivered at least 2 or 3 days after your arrival.<br> Once you arrive you will chat with your buyer and coordinate the delivery. Once you deliver the item you should ask the buyer for the delivery code. You will need this code in order to receive your fees. Codes should be uploded in the web page.
Once your trip is registered, we will keep you posted about the orders we receive from the buyers. You can bid on all the orders you might like to take in your trip.
You should bid all the orders you might like to take on the trip. We suggest a bid when we quote. It is based on the usual price Sherpals bid for orders alike. You can modify the price if you wish to. Once you bid, the buyer receives all the bids (other Sherpas might be biding as well). Finally the buyer is who decides which Sherpa will take his order.
You can purchase the order with your own or Sherpals can purchase it for you and send it to the address you provided as delivery address.<br> If you decide to purchase it yourself, you should use your own money (we reimburse it once the order is delivered). However we strongly suggest you let Sherpals purchase it for you, and make this a hassle free operation. Sherpals charges a fee for this service.
Once you receive the item you should mark it as received on the website. please be sure to check if packages are needed for deliveries or not.
The orders for buyers in different cities (same Country) are sent by internal mail. This cost is covered by the buyer once the item is received.